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We’re a week into the Summer Book Trek and I thought you might be interested in a run-down of how it’s going.

(No! It’s not too late to enter the reading challenge!)

We have 17 readers signed up as participants. (Although some of their links aren’t working right. If your link is one, please fix it.)

Altogether as of last night, we’ve read 37 books. That’s approximately 2.17 books each (although in reality, there are a couple who are reading like gangbusters and putting the rest of us to shame).

We’ve racked up a total of 524 points and notified 12 winners! Yay!

Now, if you do the math, you’ll realize that 17 people / 52 prizes up for grabs – 12 prizes already given away = gobs more chances to win free books!

So if you haven’t joined the Summer Book Trek yet, DO IT NOW!

I also thought you might be interested in seeing a list of titles read and/or nominated for a Whitney Award thus far.

Books Read as of August 7, 2012

  1. Albrek’s Tomb — M.L. Forman
  2. Alcatraz vs the Shattered Lens — Brandon Sanderson
  3. Caller ID — Rachelle Christensen
  4. Change of Heart (2) — Roseanne Evans Wilkins
  5. Code Word – Traci Hunter Abramson
  6. Devil’s Food Cake – Josi S. Kilpack (2)
  7. Dead Running – Cami Checketts
  8. Divinely Designed — Rachael Renee Anderson
  9. Endlessly – Kiersten White
  10. Farewell to Charms, A — Lindsey Leavitt
  11. Golden Crown, The (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger
  12. Hatter — Daniel Coleman
  13. Hidden Branch – GG Vandergriff
  14. Hollow City, The – Dan Wells
  15. Janitors – Tyler Whitesides
  16. Kingdoms & Conquerors (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger
  17. Kiss of a Stranger, The – Sarah M Eden
  18. Luck of the Draw — Rachael Renee Anderson
  19. Northanger Alibi – Jenni James
  20. Of Grace & Chocolate — Krista Lynne Jensen
  21. Paige – Annette Lyon
  22. Princess Academy — Shannon Hale
  23. Most Important Catch, The – Jaclyn M Hawkes
  24. Murder by the Way – Betsy Brannon Green
  25. Sacred Quest, The (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger
  26. Secrets After Dark –Marie Higgins
  27. Spellweaver – Lynn Kurland
  28. Tower of Thunder (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger
  29. Twitterpated – Melanie Jacobson (6)
  30. Untethered – Marcia Lynn McClure
  31. Warriors of Cumorah (Tennis Shoes series) – Chris Heimerdinger

*Note to participants: It’s easy points if you rate & comment on the the books as you finish them!


Nominated for Whitneys

  1. Becoming Bayley – Susan Auten
  2. Big In Japan – Jennifer Griffith
  3. Dead Running – Cami Checketts
  4. Edenbrooke – Julianne Donaldson
  5. Endlessly – Kiersten White
  6. False Prince, The – Jennifer A. Nielsen
  7. Friends & Foes – Sarah Eden
  8. Hollow City, The – Dan Wells
  9. Jacob’s Journal of Doom – Kenneth Pike & Isaac Stewart
  10. Murder by the Way – Betsy Brannon Green
  11. Reality Check – Karen Tuft
  12. Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders) – Brandon Mull
  13. Table for Two – Sheryl Johnson

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