Jolly Fish Halloween Short Stories

LDSP: I love to support short story contests. Jolly Fish Press is hosting a contest for their authors. Go vote for your favorite story—and you might win a B&N Gift Card!

The season of horror-flicks, eccentric costumes, and rotting teeth is here. What better way to top it off than with spooky short stories from high caliber authors?

For your enjoyment, we’ve mustered our authors together to participate in our 2012 CREATIVE FRIGHTING CONTEST. Each author has written a short story that will either give you nightmares for months, or will have you laughing out loud as you flip on every light in your house. We only need you to read the stories then decide which one you think is best.

The author of the winning story will be given a gift card to Barnes & Noble. A randomly chosen voter (could be YOU!) will also be given a gift card to Barnes & Noble. Now isn’t that fun? Visit Jolly Fish Press to get reading and soak up the exhilarating (and terrifying) Halloween spirit.

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