2012 Christmas Story Posts Start Today

We had a total of 26 shorts stories submitted to the Christmas Story Contest this year. Six were disqualified. One was over the word count limit; one was sent in outside the submission dates; one was posted as a comment; and three were inappropriate for this contest.

Of the remaining 20 stories, 12 were submitted by previously published authors and 8 were submitted by as yet unpublished authors. All stories will be posted, exactly as they were received, two stories per day starting today. Most will post in the order they were received, but if two were sent by the same person, I split them up so they didn’t post together.


A few quick reminders:

  • DO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE CONTEST! We want lots of readers and voters.
  • DO NOT TELL PEOPLE WHICH STORY IS YOURS! We want the stories to win based on merit, not on personal popularity.
  • VOTING STARTS Monday, December 17th. I will post Voting Guidelines then. Feel free to leave comments any time, but comments made before 12/17 will not be part of the voting tally.

Missed this year’s contest? We do it every year. See information here.

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