Urgent Book Cover Voting Notice!

I didn’t realize this before but the free Survey Monkey tops out at 100 votes and we’re already at 103. Unfortunately, it will cost over $200 to upgrade to their lowest priced option.


I’m closing the voting link. Give me a few minutes to come up with another option.


Update at 3:17 p.m.: New polling widget installed. Voting resumed. If you’ve already voted using the Survey Monkey poll, please do not vote again.

Update at 5:13 p.m.: We’ll try this one more time. The blogpoll widget disappeared into the ether somewhere. Fortunately, I did have it up on my screen and had refreshed it 2 minutes before it disappeared so I have the vote counts. Nothing lost. No need to vote again. I have a new pollcode widget now and it should work better because it actually has you create an account with a dashboard and everything where it stores you widget code.

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4 thoughts on “Urgent Book Cover Voting Notice!”

  1. A Google docs form is free and quite easy to set up. The results feed into a spreadsheet and it does have options to automatically chart the data.

    1. Thanks. I tried that but I couldn’t figure out how to only let someone vote once. I found another free poll that is ugly but I think it will collect unlimited votes. Fingers crossed.

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