Pistols & Pies by Heather Justesen

The gigantic cake for the new city rec center opening is going to be great advertising for Tess’s new bakery, until she finds the city councilman who oversaw the project dead. Tess vows to stay out of this one, until his troubled teenaged step-son is fingered for the murder and Tess jumps in to prove he’s innocent. Trouble is, someone else wants her to leave it alone, and isn’t afraid to take her out to protect their identity.

When the killer ups the stakes, Tess is forced to put herself in danger or risk the life of someone she cares about. Tess and her growing gang of amateur sleuths have to scramble to catch the killer before one of them ends up dead.

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Title: Pistols & Pies (Sweet Bites Mystery #2)

Author: Heather Justesen

Publisher: Jelly Bean Press

Release Date: February 3, 2013

ASIN: B00BAYMFTE (I think a print book will be available soon)

Size: 195 pages, ebook

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Sweet Bites Series: Brownies & Betrayal (bk 1)

Author: LDS Publisher

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