Whitney Reading Word Count Reader

Jim Haberkorn sent an email reminding me about Whitney Award widgets…

Here is a free word count widget that is easily adjusted to count the number of Whitney finalists you’ve read.

Get your own counter here.

It’s simple, elegant and you get to control a lot of the various options, like color, font, and size.

Just go to CritiqueCircle.com and use their word meter builder. It’s really easy and has instructions for each element of the widget.

Paste the code into an HTML widget box on your blog.

As you read, you’ll need to open the widget box and adjust the first set of numbers in the code, but that’s really easy to do.

And the Whitney buttons with the cool image and the yea those updated soon.

UPDATE: I just realized that I’m out of town until the middle of next week and the artwork is on my computer at home. Will update those Whitney buttons when I get home.

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