Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Title: Breaking Dawn

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Release Date: August 2, 2008

ISBN: 978-0316067928

Size: 768 pages, hardcover

Genre: Speculative Romance

Series: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse

When you loved the one who was killing you, it left you no options. How could you run, how could you fight, when doing so would hurt that beloved one? If your life was all you had to give, how could you not give it? If it was someone you truly loved?

To be irrevocably in love with a vampire is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously heightened reality for Bella Swan. Pulled in one direction by her intense passion for Edward Cullen, and in another by her profound connection to werewolf Jacob Black, she has endured a tumultuous year of temptation, loss, and strife to reach the ultimate turning point. Her imminent choice to either join the dark but seductive world of immortals or pursue a fully human life has become the thread from which the fate of two tribes hangs.

Now that Bella has made her decision, a startling chain of unprecedented events is about to unfold with potentially devastating and unfathomable consequences. Just when the frayed strands of Bella’s life—first discovered in Twilight, then scattered and torn in New Moon and Eclipse—seem ready to heal and knit together, could they be destroyed. . .forever?

Shadow of the Crown by Jeri Gilchrist

Title: Shadow of the Crown

Author: Jeri Gilchrist

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: August 1, 2008


Size: 6×9 softcover

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Teira Palmer, a bright, savvy young woman who was raised on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, receives a plum assignment to help in the acquisition of a Scandinavian branch of the international telecommunications company for which she works. She returns to her mother’s birth country with mixed feelings.

As a child, Teira was tucked into bed with the magical stories of Hans Christian Andersen intermingled with Danish family history: stories of kings and queens, beautiful castles, and golden crowns in a kingdom far away across the sea. There, loyal and courageous subjects lay down their lives for their country. The bravest and best of all the warrior princes was her own grandfather. Teira had grown up idolizing him until the day reality stepped in and showed that the hero of her dreams was actually a traitor.

Teira’s grandfather, Soren Pedersen, had been involved as a saboteur in the resistance movement and part of the Freedom Council during the occupation of Denmark during WWII. Soren died only weeks before the war ended during the act of his treason. He had betrayed kingdom, crown, country and, Teira thought resentfully, his family.

Teira arrives to find that her ancestral home has fallen into serious disrepair and learns that an old man and his menacing son know more about her grandfather’s death—and his life and work on the Freedom Council—than they are willing to say. It makes her wonder: was Soren Pedersen a traitor, or was he the honorable man her grandmother still believed him to be?

Soon Teira is balancing her work at Com Tech with a personal quest to turn Denmark upside down if necessary in order to finally uncover the truth. At her side is Christian Tanner, the charismatic head of the company who is knee-deep in mysterious trouble of his own. As the two draw closer to the truth – sometimes by accident – danger increases. It’s a race against time to discover the secrets once thought to have been buried with the past.

Only one thing can bring the mystery of Teira’s grandfather’s death to light, but it may cost another’s life in the process.

A Soldier’s Secret by RaeAnne Thayne

Title: A Soldier’s Secret

Author: RaeAnne Thayne

Publisher: Silhouette

Release Date: July 22, 2008

ISBN: 978-0373249183

Size: 224 pages, 4×6, softcover

Genre: Romance

To find out who was claiming ownership of the only place he’d ever called home, Harry Maxwell knew he’d have to practice a little deception. So the wounded lieutenant changed his name a little. Altered a few facts. All for a good cause—get in, get the truth, get out.

Until he met the Brambleberry House heir presumptive. Anna Galvez was captivating in ways he hadn’t even known existed. Still, after spending time with her, he wanted the house more than ever.

Anna Galvez’s life is tangled enough. She doesn’t need any more complications. One of her two giftshops is faltering, she’s embroiled in an ugly legal battle with a man she trusted and thought she might have been coming to care for, she has debts up to her ears from his treachery, and the Victorian mansion she inherited from a dear friend needs far more work than she can ever afford.

But when she rents the attic apartment of Brambleberry House to a wounded helicopter pilot looking for a quiet place to recover, she finds herself instantly attracted to him. Army Chief Warrant Officer Harry Maxwell seems dangerous, mysterious and edgy, all the things Anna is not.

But Anna has no idea just how mysterious the helicopter pilot is — or how dangerous he might prove to her heart!

Servant to a King by Sariah S. Wilson

Title: Servant to a King

Author: Sariah S. Wilson

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: July, 2008


Size: 6×9, softcover

Genre: Historical Romance

When Isabel’s father offers her hand to a Nephite, she’s shocked and angry—and when the offer is refused, she’s utterly furious. How dare this Ammon refuse to marry the beautiful eldest daughter of King Lamoni! There could only be one explanation for this unforgivable dishonor: Ammon must be a spy.

Isabel closely watches her enemy, expecting to find evidence of treachery, but instead she finds evidence of loyalty, bravery, and kindness. Afraid to admit her growing affection for Ammon, Isabel hides her true feelings behind a headstrong façade. Yet when the vile Lamanite prince Mahlon threatens to take her as a bride and wrest the kingdom from Lamoni, Isabel must choose between her pride and her life. Meanwhile, the risks of love test Ammon’s faith and courage as never before.

Will Ammon thwart the marriage of Isabel and Mahlon before it’s too late? And could a Lamanite princess and a Nephite prince really live happily ever after?

All’s Fair by Julie Coulter Bellon

Title: All’s Fair

Author: Julie Coulter Bellon

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: July 2008


Size: 6×9, softcover

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Political campaign expert Kristen Shepherd excels at staying cool under pressure, but this time she’s in over her head. After leaving her high-profile fiancé at the altar, she uncovers the shocking truth about the man she nearly married—truth that could ruin her life. With the press on her tail, the only person she can trust is Ryan Jameson, her political opponent and former boyfriend.

Army doctor and LDS convert Brandon Shepherd shares his sister Kristen’s talent for keeping a level head, and his newfound faith gives him steady strength during times of turmoil. But when he and fellow doctor Rachel Fields are seized as Iraqi prisoners of war, he faces a crisis of personal integrity that may cost him his life.

In this gripping tale of unlikely heroes and unexpected romance, two siblings must risk everything for freedom. And in the heat and sand of enemy territory, they discover that all’s fair in love, even if not in war.

Time and Eternity by E.M. Tippetts

Title: Time and Eternity

Author: E.M. Tippetts

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: June 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59811-548-2

Size: 6×9, softcover

Genre: Romance

When Alice O’Donnell joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she thought her life could only get better. She hoped to marry her boyfriend, Darren, who had baptized her, and live happily ever after. After all, her prayers had confirmed that a proposal was coming.

But Alice’s faith is tested when her plans are turned upside-down. Her father files for divorce, her company decides to relocate her to another state, and to top it off, Darren starts acting strangely and accuses her of being a “Molly Mormon”—whatever that is.

When Spencer Sharp enters the scene, he seems like a good prospect. He’s attractive, gainfully employed, a returned missionary, and seeking an eternal companion. But something is just . . . missing.

Follow the chaotic but exciting life of Alice as she deals with being a new convert, learns to have faith in the Lord’s plan for her, and comes to know who she wants to be with for time and eternity.

The Prairie Prince by Marcia Lynn McClure

Title: The Prairie Prince

Author: Marcia Lynn McClure

Publisher: Distractions Incorporated

Release Date: April, 2008

ISBN: 978-0971338982

Size: 220 pages, 5×8, softcover

Genre: Romance

For Katie Matthews life held no promise of true happiness. Life on the prairie was filled with hard labor, a brutal father, and the knowledge she would need to marry a man incapable of truly loving a woman. Men didn’t have time to dote on women—so Katie’s father told her. To Katie, it seemed life would forever remain mundane and disappointing—until the day Stover Steele bought her father’s south acreage. Handsome, rugged and fiercely protective of four orphaned sisters, Stover Steele seemed to have stepped from the pages of some romantic novel. Yet, his heroic character and alluring charm only served to remind Katie of what she would never have—true love and happiness the likes found only in fairytales. Furthermore, evil seemed to lurk in the shadows, threatening Katie’s brightness, hope, and even her life! Would Katie Matthews fall prey to disappointment, heartache and harm? Or could she win the attentions of the handsome Stover Steele long enough to be rescued?

Last Wish: Passage of Promise by Tom Roulstone

Title: Last Wish: Passage of Promise

Author: Tom Roulstone

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: June, 2008


Size: 6×9, softcover

Genre: Historical Romance

Ken drew his eyes from the grave and stared up at the gray outline of the Wasatch Mountains, etched into a cerulean sky. The mountains had always given him a sense of security, of permanence. But now with Karen’s death, they too seemed insubstantial.

As her health quickly fades, Ken Sanderson’s wife, Karen, pleads with him to remarry so he won’t be left to raise their children alone. But Ken can’t imagine living without his beloved wife of five years. When Karen dies, he wonders if he could ever let another woman take her place.

Struggling to move on with his life, Ken finds comfort in family, the gospel, and a longtime friend, Nell, an admired actress from London whose generosity has never been far away.

But that comfort quickly turns to fear when Ken finds out that Stephen Langton, the man who wants him dead, has escaped from jail. Now he’s after Nell, and Ken knows he’s the only one who can save her.

As Ken travels the world for Nell, he realizes that his feelings for her run deeper than he thought. But will Ken’s grief, Nell’s engagement to her pompous manager, and Stephen Langton’s deadly plots keep them apart forever?

Mended Hearts by Connie Angeline

Title: Mended Hearts

Author: Connie Angeline

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: June 2008


Size: 6×9, softcover

Genre: Romance

When Sydney Chase convinced her boyfriend to take her on a sailing trip, she never imagined that a terrible storm would claim his life. Five years later, Sydney is still consigned to a life of sorrow and self-punishment, but finds solace in teaching horseback-riding lessons at her grandfather’s ranch. If only he would stop setting her up on dates with guys she’s definitely not interested in.

After Grandpa Gabriel promises to end his matchmaking scheme, Sydney is both surprised and frustrated when yet another young man shows up at the ranch to meet her—even though this is a particularly attractive one. But he says he’s just there for the horses.

As Jackson and Sydney work together to breed Sydney’s favorite mare, Sydney struggles to face her past and forgive herself for her boyfriend’s death. Will she be able to overcome her fears and embrace new hope? And will she have strength enough to let love into her life again?

A Merger…or Marriage? by RaeAnne Thayne

Title: A Merger…or Marriage?

Author: RaeAnne Thayne

Publisher: Silhouette

Release Date: June 1, 2008

ISBN: 978-0373249039

Size: 224 pages, 4×6, softcover

Genre: Romance

To snag a coveted promotion, financial whiz Anna Wilder had to close one last important deal: the takeover of her hometown hospital, Walnut River General. Black Sheep Anna had never felt like she’d fit into the respected Wilder clan, and now her job was making the proposed merger personal—especially when she met her opponent in the boardroom!

Richard Green was the savvy attorney—and ex-love—determined to foil her plans. After one unbelievable kiss years ago, Anna had run far away from her home, her insecurities and the man who made her pulse quicken. But perhaps her return was a second chance in disguise. Could Richard convince Anna that this merger was bad business…and take over her heart instead?

With Every Breath by Lynn Kurland

Title: With Every Breath

Author: Lynn Kurland

Publisher: Jove

Release Date: May 27, 2008

ISBN: 978-0515144703

Size: 400 pages, 4×6, softcover

Genre: Romance

Sunshine Phillips’ heart lies in Scotland, a land of rain, legend, and dangerously handsome Highland lords. She longs to call the magical place home, but after a day which includes such delights as blackening the eye of her lecherous boss and changing a flat tire in a chilly spring deluge, she’ll settle for an evening spent curled up in front of a fire with a cup of tea. But what Sunny wants is not what Sunny gets…

When Robert Cameron pounds on Sunny’s door, he isn’t paying a social call. With one brother killed in battle and another fighting for his life, the medieval laird has braved a trip onto enemy soil to fetch the MacLeod witch, a crone rumored to have healing powers. But the woman who opens her door to him is enchanting and young—and not from his century.

Now, it seems that they’ve both found just what they need—if only time will let them keep it.

The Vow by Rebecca Winters

Title: The Vow

Author: Rebecca Winters

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: January 1, 2008

ISBN: 978-0373654260

Size: 288 pages, 4×6, softcover

Genre: Romance

I’ve loved you more than any man has ever loved a woman. If I get out of this alive, I vow never to let a day or night go by without telling you that.

When his plane goes down in a Montana blizzard, pilot Nick Marsden is stranded with little more than notepaper, a pen and his memories. As he struggles to stay alive, he recalls the past in barely legible letters to his wife, Stefanie. Nick’s always believed that actions speak louder than words. But now words are all he has.

It all comes back: their tumultuous high school courtship, the disapproval of family and friends, a separation that almost undid them. And their marriage— with its many blessings and a loss for which Nick has always blamed himself.

Now he must fight the odds again to return to Stefanie. And there are three words he has to say to her when he does….

His Second-Chance Family by RaeAnne Thayne

Title: His Second-Chance Family

Author: RaeAnne Thayne

Publisher: Silhouette

Release Date: January 1, 2008

ISBN: 978-0373248742

Size: 224 pages, 4×6, softcover

Genre: Romance

Teacher Julia Blair is deeply grateful to Sage and Anna for giving her and her seven-year-old twins a temporary home in their rambling Victorian mansion—and for their friendship. She has loved Brambleberry House since childhood, when her family used to rent a nearby cottage every summer just down the beach. Julia certainly does not expect to encounter her first crush living next door.

As a local Cannon Beach boy, Will Garrett had stolen her heart all those years ago. But this Will is different from the boy she had known—he is now bitter and reclusive, angry at the world. Julia and her children only remind him all too painfully of what he has lost, but still he is drawn to her.

Can both of them move beyond the pain of their respective pasts to forge a new future together? They might have a shot, especially with the help of a couple of mischievous matchmakers …

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Title: The Host

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Release Date: May 6, 2008

ISBN: 978-0316068048

Size: 624 pages, Hardcover

Genre: Speculative, Romance

Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of their human hosts while leaving their bodies intact, and most of humanity has succumbed.

Wanderer, the invading “soul” who has been given Melanie’s body, knew about the challenges of living inside a human: the overwhelming emotions, the too vivid memories. But there was one difficulty Wanderer didn’t expect: the former tenant of her body refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

Melanie fills Wanderer’s thoughts with visions of the man Melanie loves-Jared, a human who still lives in hiding. Unable to separate herself from her body’s desires, Wanderer yearns for a man she’s never met. As outside forces make Wanderer and Melanie unwilling allies, they set off to search for the man they both love.

Featuring what may be the first love triangle involving only two bodies, THE HOST is a riveting and unforgettable novel that will bring a vast new readership to one of the most compelling writers of our time.

Promise of Spring by Kristen McKendry

Title: Promise of Spring

Author: Kristen McKendry

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: April 2008

ISBN: 978-1598115491

Size: 6×9, softcover

Genre: Romance

Melinda Keith was never a “farm person.” She grew up in Albuquerque with electric lights, gas heating, and two cars in the driveway. But after a painful divorce, she decides that life on an isolated farm in the Texas panhandle is exactly what she needs. Fiercely independent, Melinda is determined to live completely off the land and keep other people at a distance.

But then Ryan Delaney, a handsome widower with a two-year-old son, moves in next door. He insists on helping Melinda with her farming chores and is stubborn enough to make Melinda’s carefully built walls of self-isolation begin to crumble.

Meanwhile, sinister acts of vandalism make it clear that not everyone is happy about Ryan Delaney’s arrival. Whoever is behind them wants him gone—and is willing to resort to just about anything. Will Ryan and Melinda’s blossoming relationship be able to withstand the storms?

Spare Change by Aubrey Mace

Title: Spare Change

Author: Aubrey Mace

Publisher: Cedar Fort

Release Date: April, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-59955-150-0

Size: 210 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″, paperback

Genre: General, Romance

New Year’s resolutions are one of Riley’s least favorite things—until this year.

Twenty-three and single, Riley thinks resolutions should be fun, not hard. Just before midnight, she vows to make the easiest resolution ever: save her pennies and at the end of the year, buy something nice for herself. Easy! …Or is it?

Working at a cancer treatment center can change one’s perspective, and before long Riley decides to donate her extra money to cancer research rather than reward herself. At first her resolution is her own secret, but all too soon the nurses figure out her plan, and then things really begin to get out of hand!

As people through the hospital, and then the town, begin to get involved, Riley finds herself at the front of the fund-raising campaign. She also finds herself face-to-face with Paul, the grouchy but cute bank teller. But can she overcome the memory of a failed relationship—and can he do the same? And who is the secret admirer who keeps leaving pennies and notes for her to find?

Aside from a million pennies, every flavor of ice cream imaginable, and maybe even love, Riley is about to discover that an ordinary person can be the catalyst for extraordinary events.

Edith and the Mysterious Stranger by Linda Weaver Clarke

Title: Edith and the Mysterious Stranger

Author: Linda Weaver Clarke

Publisher: American Book Publishing

Release Date: April 1, 2008

ISBN: 978-1589824690

Size: 316 pages, softcover

Genre: Historical Romance

With mysterious letters, cattle rustlers, a spunky woman, the liar’s fire, Halloween, and young love, there is always something happening. It is 1904 and Melinda is “with child” and threatening to miscarry. Her cousin Edith, a nurse, moves to Paris to care for her. Edith has wonderful qualities but never gives a man a second chance because her expectations are so high. However, all that changes when a mysterious stranger begins to write to her. For the first time, she gets to know a man’s inner soul before making any harsh judgments. Whoever he is, this man is a mystery and the best thing that has ever happened to her. The question that puzzles her is whether or not he’s as wonderful in person as he is in his letters.

Fields of Home by Rachel Ann Nunes

Title: Fields of Home

Author: Rachel Ann Nunes

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: February 29, 2008

ISBN: 978-1590388525

Size: 6×9 paperback; 320 pages

Genre: Romance

One decision frozen in time. A choice that can never be altered. After fighting her way through a bitter and hurtful past, Mercedes Johnson has painstakingly carved out a life of quiet contentment on a Wyoming farm with her husband, Wayne, and their three boys. But all that changes when the birth father of her oldest child returns to Riverton. Brandon Rhodes has plans for his son, threatening the carefully balanced life Mercedes and Wayne have created. Just how far is he willing to go? As Mercedes uncovers the truths of his intentions and the lies surrounding the past, she is torn between what is and what should have been. Fields of Home is a novel about the deepest kind of ties and true meaning of love.

Shades of Gray by Pamela Carrington Reid

Title: Shades of Gray

Author: Pamela Carrington Reid

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: 2008


Size: 6×9 paperback

Genre: Romance

Fighting her way through the chaos of her family’s dysfunction, Samara Danes has immersed herself in a promising photography career. She sees no need to love or be loved. Then Adam Russell arrives in Samara’s hometown on Australia’s Gold Coast. Years ago, it was Adam who introduced her to the art of photography and opened her eyes to the wonder of the world. She in turn opened his heart to the truths of the gospel. Now can the older man’s kindness, wisdom, and strength help save a family that teeters on the brink of dissolution? Are Samara’s strong feelings for Adam more than just friendship and gratitude?

With tender insight, gifted LDS author Pamela Carrington Reid explores the dynamics that stretch fragile relationships nearly to the breaking point. Shades of Gray is a richly crafted novel, genuinely moving and compelling–a tribute to the healing power of the gospel, where the lines of love are never blurred.

The Whispered Kiss by Marcia Lynn McClure

Title: The Whispered Kiss

Author: Marcia Lynn McClure

Publisher: Distractions, Inc. (?)

Release Date: January 2008



Genre: Romance

Romance between the Lord of Roanan and his new bride, Coquette. Could not find a summary of this book, but excerpt can be read here.

Dead Perfect by Amanda Ashley

Title: Dead Perfect

Author: Amanda Ashley

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: January 29, 2008

ISBN: 978-0821780619

Size: 4×7 Mass Market paperback; 384 pagers

Genre: Speculative Romance

When Shannah, dying of an obscure, incurable disease, passes out on the stoop of Ronan, who is a vampire, two birds are killed with one stone: Ronan moonlights as a romance author and needs a woman to pretend to be him on tours (especially during the daylight hours); Shannah needs Ronan’s blood to stay alive. As he coaches her to impersonate him and feeds her, Ronan falls more and more in love. And with each passing day, Shannah’s body grows weaker, but she resists being turned into a vampire because she doesn’t want to lose her humanity entirely. It’s the age-old vampire-human dilemma, given a clever and funny turn by Night’s Touch author Ashley.”

Promise of Zion by Anita Stansfield

Title: Promise of Zion (Barrington Family Saga, vol. 4)

Author: Anita Stansfield

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: January 2008

ISBN: 978-1598115163

Size: 6×9;

Genre: Romance

Series: Sequel to In Search of Heaven (vol. 1), A Quiet Promise (vol. 2), At Heaven’s Door (vol. 3)

Nothing has prepared Casey Harrison for the emotional and spiritual storms that lie ahead as he anticipates a future with Iris Barrington, whose wounded heart and spirit threaten to rob them both of their eternal destiny. This is a story of love, miracles, and redemption. Savor the superb storytelling skills of author Anita Stansfield in this triumphant finale of the Barrington family saga. Journey with the Barringtons as they continue to claim the promises God has made to them — not the least of which is the Promise of Zion.

This is a story of love, miracles, and redemption. It is a story of sacrifice, obedience, and courage-of faith as firm as the mountains toward which the Barringtons travel. Savor once again the superb storytelling skills of acclaimed LDS author Anita Stansfield in this triumphant epic of the Barrington family saga. Journey with the Barringtons as they continue to claim the promises God has made to them-not the least of which is the promise of Zion.

Traitor by Sandra Grey

Title: Traitor

Author: Sandra Grey

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: January 2008

ISBN: 978-1598113587

Size: 6×9;

Genre: Historical Romance

Read the review.

With war raging in Europe, the only way Marie can be with Felix is to join the Allied forces. However, as Marie parachutes into France to join the Résistance, she not only lands into the arms of her fiancé, but also drops into the hands of the enemy.

Major Rolf Schulmann has been struggling between personal convictions and his duty to the German Fatherhood. Now he must decide what to do with the captured fiancée of the man who gave him a new chance at life — a man he once loved as a brother. The Gestapo will do whatever it takes to dispose of Marie. If Rolf helps her escape he will have enemies on all sides — is it a sacrifice he is willing to make? Can Marie possibly trust her life to a man torn between two masters?

As Always, Dave by Jack Weyland

Title: As Always, Dave

Author: Jack Weyland

Publisher: Deseret Book

Release Date: January 9, 2008

ISBN: 978-1590388495

Size: 6×9 paperback; 320 pages

Genre: Romance

When Dave leaves on his mission, he assumes that Abbie, his highschool sweetheart, will wait for him and that they’ll eventually marry. But by the time he gets home, Abbie has a new boyfriend and is now living in New York. Can Dave win Abbie back? Is she the right one? And what about Camille, a new friend he’s met in his New York young single adult ward? Weyland fans will enjoy this new young adult novel about relationships, romance, and finding true love.