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While we’re waiting to see the final winner of the 2011 Book Cover Contest (and my list of personal picks), here’s an update on Christmas Book #2.

First a word about Stolen Christmas (anthology #1). As most of the authors already know, Rosehaven Publishing helped me put this book together, providing the typesetting and ISBN number. We have come to an agreement to have Rosehaven take over the business end of this book and any future books that I create from our contests here—including this year’s second Christmas anthology.

Some time in the next few months, Stolen Christmas will become temporarily unavailable while Rosehaven corrects a few typos and moves it from my account to Rosehaven’s accounts.  

Stolen Christmas is NOT going out of print. It will be back up and ready for more sales before the 2012 Christmas season. I’ll let you know and provide links when the new version is ready.

Rosehaven is also sending out a one-time royalty to all the authors involved with Stolen Christmas. There are a few authors we’ve been unable to contact.

If you are an author in Stolen Christmas and you did not receive an email from me in January about royalties, PLEASE E-MAIL ME ASAP.

Now for Christmas Book #2.

I’ve made the first decisions on the stories to be included in the new anthology which will be available for sale in time for the 2012 Christmas season. The following authors will be receiving an email from Rosehaven Publishing this week with the contract offer:

  • Amie Borst
  • Angie Lofthouse
  • Brenda Anderson
  • Brian Ricks
  • Gussie Fick
  • Jennifer Ricks
  • Jennifer Shelton
  • Janice Sperry
  • Kasey Eyre
  • Melanie Marks
  • Michael Young
  • Rob Smales
  • Teresa Osgood
  • Wendy Elliott

I’m posting this list so that when you get the email, you’ll understand what it is.

There will most likely be additional stories/authors included later on, for editorial reasons—balance of story content and styles, length of book, or if any of the authors listed above decline the contract offer. I won’t know this until Rosehaven has collected all the contracts and determines what else is needed.

Congratulations to the authors listed above—and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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Are you ready for the 2011 Christmas Short Story Contest winners???

These winners are guaranteed a spot in the next Christmas collection, to be released in fall of 2012. Other stories from the contest will be included, as well.

So here we go…

And we’re starting with a TIE!

Reader’s Choice—Published Author Category
Milkshakes and Mittens
by Brenda Anderson


The Two Hundred Forty-fourth Ornament
by Jennifer Ricks

Publisher’s Choice—Published Author Category
Third Strike Christmas
by Brian Ricks

Reader’s Choice—Unpublished Author Category
Savanna’s Christmas Miracles
by Kasey Eyre

Publisher’s Choice—Unpublished Author Category
Foreign Exchange
by Teresa Osgood

Congratulations to the winners! You did some good work.

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Before I Post the Winners…

October 4, 2011

I’m done! I’ve read and evaluated every Christmas story submission, tallied the scores, sent emails to all the authors and I’m ready to post the winners. (Authors, if you didn’t get your emails, let me know ASAP!) Thank you to everyone who came to the site, read the stories, left comments, and voted. Your honest […]

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Voting Is Now Closed

October 1, 2011

Voting for the Christmas Story Contest is now closed. You may continue to leave comments on the stories if you like (and feedback is muchly appreciated by the authors), but they will no longer be counted in the voting. Contest winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 4th. FYI: I assume that all authors will […]

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Deadline to Vote is Today!

September 30, 2011

Today is your last chance to vote for your favorite 2011 Christmas stories! Voting ends at midnight tonight. Click here for voting instructions. Contest winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 4th.

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2011 Christmas Story Voting Instructions

September 26, 2011

Please read the voting instructions carefully before casting your vote. Voting for LDSP’s 2011 Christmas Story Contest starts NOW! VOTE between September 26th and midnight on Friday, September 30th. Voting Info: There will be four winners:Readers Choice (Published authors)Readers Choice (Unpublished authors)Publisher’s Choice (Published authors)Publisher’s Choice (Unpublished authors). Publisher’s Choice winners will be judged on […]

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2011 Christmas Story Contest Is Now Closed

September 25, 2011

All Christmas stories have now been posted. If you sent one in and it’s not posted, then I didn’t get it. Please resend ASAP. If I get it before I go to bed tonight, I’ll post it.The submission portion of the 2011 Christmas Story Contest is now over. Early Monday morning, September 26th, I will […]

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23 Checkin’ It Twice

September 24, 2011

by Michael Young St Nick was not feeling jolly. Just “Old St. Nicolas”. He looked down and thought how his stomach was more like a half-deflated balloon than a bowl full of jelly, and his nose more black cherry than maraschino. His job gave him every reason to feel jolly: perfect job security, cheerful co-workers, […]

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22 The Two Hundred Forty-fourth Ornament

September 24, 2011

by Jennifer Ricks Two hundred and forty-three glass ornaments of all colors and sizes. Some were shiny Christmas red and gold. Some were frosted with sparkling paint. A few were clear with dainty pictures or patterns inside. Rich plums, crisp ice blues, even a few orange and yellow, glowing and blinking on the Christmas tree. […]

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21 Third Strike Christmas

September 24, 2011

Kevin was on his third strike this Christmas, and he knew he was in trouble. He blamed it all on those charming jewelry commercials that start airing after Thanksgiving. It’s early Christmas morning. Prince Charming and Perfect Hair are sitting under a large tree in their ironed red pajamas. It looks like all the presents […]

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20 The Parable of the Coal

September 24, 2011

“And what did you get, Joy?” Mrs. Leaneon asked the little fourth grader in the front row. Mrs. Leaneon was worn out. She had only started class four minutes ago, and already Broody brought up the one subject that little kids found impossible to drop: Christmas presents. It was a nightmare. Every year, right after […]

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19 Happily Ever After!

September 24, 2011

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in the wintry kingdom of Anolivia. She had reached that age of accountability, where tradition said she must learn homemaking skills. It was Christmas Eve and she had a wonderful breakfast in store for her parents. She was going over the supplies and realized that […]

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18 The Christmas Angel

September 24, 2011

“John, don’t be ridiculous.” Sarah’s mother’s voice rang down the hall. Sarah staggered out of her room and into the hallway rubbing fitful sleep from her eyes. She hesitated, listening to her parents argue. Lately, it seemed that’s all they did. “C’mon Nikki,” her father said in a gruff voice, “It’s Christmas. Let’s spend it […]

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17 Shoe Box of Memories

September 24, 2011

Andrea gazed out the window as the first snow fell, blanketing the ground with its grace. It was Christmas Eve and any other year she would be jumping for joy at this wondrous sight. Andrea and her Dad would try to build a snowman or sprinkle reindeer food with dashes of glitter scattered about so […]

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