Ripples in the Market

Have you seen any ripples in the market since Deseret Book took over Seagull, or are things still pretty much the same so far?

Things are pretty much the same from my side of things.

Ordering: Still getting orders from Deseret Book at the same level as always (maybe a bit more). Still getting orders from Seagull same as always.

New Books: If I can get my books into Deseret Book stores and on their website, they sell pretty well. If I can’t, then 90% of the LDS readership doesn’t know my book exists. Getting my books into Seagull only helps the UT and surrounding market.

As for authors, I have one friend who was just rejected by Covenant, but I don’t think it was because of the change in ownership. (Nor the quality of her writing.)

What about all of you? Have you noticed any changes?

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One thought on “Ripples in the Market”

  1. I’ve noticed a more favorable view of Covenant by authors. There were a few Covenant or former-covenant authors that were unhappy with their experiences and that made other authors cautious. With the change people seem to be giving Covenant the benefit of the doubt more than usual. I know there are hopes that the contract will be changed in certain ways though I haven’t heard that it has.I’ve noticed a lot more Covenant books on DB’s bestsellers list. I think most people are still watching, though, still waiting to see a BIG change somewhere. I’m not sure it will happen.

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