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How will the prospective readers “visit” talk shows and radio shows? On the television and radio, I suppose, but those would probably be local stations in Salt Lake City and would therefore exclude anybody living outside broadcasting range.

Turn it into a podcast (easy to do) and post it to author’s & publisher’s websites and anywhere else we can get it.

I don’t know what a “jump drive” is.

Also called “thumb drive,” it’s a small portable storage device that plugs into your computer via the USB port.

you said you’d provide all the buyers with this jump drive thing, right? So if somebody bought it off the internet, it would be included in the package? Or could they have the possibility of asking you, the author, for the promo piece once they can prove to you that they’ve bought the book? They could answer a question or forward their e-mail ordering form, or whatever, and then you’d send the jump drive in the mail?

If I did this, which I wouldn’t because it would be way to expensive, I’d put a mail-in “proof of purchase” form on one of the back pages of the book that they’d have to photocopy and mail in with a copy of their sales receipt.

Coming in a little late as usual, but I’ve seen the expression “sticky post” on several blogs. What’s a “sticky post?”

On a forum, it’s a way of creating the discussion category that keeps it at the top of the list. It’s an option you select when you create that category. As for a regular blog…? Not sure. Anyone else know?

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