As Always, Dave by Jack Weyland

Title: As Always, Dave

Author: Jack Weyland

Publisher: Deseret Book

Release Date: January 9, 2008

ISBN: 978-1590388495

Size: 6×9 paperback; 320 pages

Genre: Romance

When Dave leaves on his mission, he assumes that Abbie, his highschool sweetheart, will wait for him and that they’ll eventually marry. But by the time he gets home, Abbie has a new boyfriend and is now living in New York. Can Dave win Abbie back? Is she the right one? And what about Camille, a new friend he’s met in his New York young single adult ward? Weyland fans will enjoy this new young adult novel about relationships, romance, and finding true love.

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4 thoughts on “As Always, Dave by Jack Weyland”

  1. This book had me flipping pages as fast as I could for the first half, then going as slowly as I could near the end because I didn’t want the book to end. Pretty typical for a Jack Weyland book, he tells a story you just can’t resist. I have to say I was initially disappointed in the ending of this book. But I think he intentionally ended it differently than I expected. I think this book is meant to make young single adults take a realistic look at the dating world, and a realistic look at how things usually turn out.

  2. Once you read the first page its impossible to put this book down until you have read the last. It gives such a realistic insight to how the social dating world works. I personally am only 18, but this book has given me much more of a mature outlook on how to approach the situation of marriage. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages!

  3. This book has limited appeal for anyone over college age. The characters aren’t likable or honest and their behavior is extremely immature.

  4. I read the whole thing in one day and I liked it over all… Jack Weyland is an excellent author. The ending could’ve been just a tad better though. It seemed to come to a close to quickly and didn’t have an adequate conclusion. On the other hand, I would still recommend it as a good read.

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