And You Thought I Was Just Being a Slacker!

We had a very mild storm the other night. Just some rain and a little wind. Nothing to even blink an eye at. But something happened during the night and our Internet radio receiver went out. Our Internet fix-it guy still doesn’t know exactly what happened but we’ve been without Internet access for days now. Yesterday, he got it to the point where I could go to one webpage and download maybe two e-mails, and then it would freeze up again. When I left the office yesterday, he was still scratching his head and muttering under his breath.

But he worked some magic last night and today, we’re up and running. Yea!

I’m going to sit here and write all of next weeks posts right now and get them up and scheduled with Blogger so that come rain or shine or earthquake or whatever, you’ll still get your daily fix of LDSP—unless, of course, Blogger gets swallowed into the depths of the earth or washed out to sea.

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3 thoughts on “And You Thought I Was Just Being a Slacker!”

  1. Sorry to hear about all your mishaps these last few weeks! Hope things get better.
    I’m looking forward to getting my LDSP fix again!

  2. Wow – a little rain did all that? It must have had some magical elements on a mission – “LDSP needs a vacation from her vacation . . . ” 🙂

    Glad to see you back!

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