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I was going to start into an explanation of the LDS book market, what’s wrong with it, how to fix it, etc. But that’s a big deal—and it’s taking some time to pull my thoughts together and get them organized. But I promise, it’s coming. Maybe even next week.

So today, I’m going to teach you how to Google yourself. Why is this important? Because it lets you know who’s talking about you. You need to know this if you’re trying to create buzz about your new book.

Every author needs to set up some Google Alerts. Once your Google Alert is set up, you will get an e-mail every time someone talks about you on the Internet. It’s easy to set up and it’s FREE. (Love that word.)

Go to the Google Alert page.

You want to set up an alert on your name and the title of your book. Let’s say you write under the name Jane Smith Doe. You’d want an alert for Jane Smith Doe, one for Jane S. Doe, and one for Jane Doe. The more common your name, the more alerts you’ll get for people that are not you, but deal with it. (And complain to your parents.)

I’d suggest you select Comprehensive as the type of alert. That way it will track websites, blogs, news, etc. I’d also suggest you select Once a Day as your frequency.

Once your alerts are created, you’ll start getting emails that list the places on the Internet where people are talking about you. Go read them. This will give you a feel for how you and your book are being perceived in the general public.

Also, if it’s a blogger who’s talking about you, leave a comment. Thank them for talking about you. Always be pleasant and polite, even if they’ve said bad things about you. This lets their readers know that you are interested and approachable and a nice person.

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

8 thoughts on “Googling Yourself”

  1. Hi:

    Thanks for the heads up, as usual. I added the LDS toolbar to my browser and I’ve emailed the providers a number of times regarding my LDS related Blog called Top of the Morning and my Book of Mormon related website titled Promised Land. So far no response. I notcied you’re on their tool bar. Any ideas how to make contact?

    David G. Woolley

  2. I love Google Alerts and have found out about a few places where my book was reviewed, and I didn’t even know about it.

  3. I set up some alerts about a month or so ago, and seeing them has been very helpful–at least for the alert with my name and the one with the title of my last book (Spires of Stone).

    But I get oodles of alerts about two other books where almost none of them have anything to do with me or my work.

    That’s what you get when your book titles tend to be common phrases: House on the Hill and At the Journey’s End. I’m an inch away from canceling those two alerts, because I get so much that’s irrelevant. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry who visits a structure on an elevated area refers to it as a “house on the hill” and might add that it’s “at the journey’s end” while they’re at it!

  4. I have a similar situation Annette, my blog is called “Monday Nights” and I get tons of alerts dealing with Monday Night Football. I finally took it off, but kept my name, and the name of my books. I’ve really liked it for those. Tristi Pinkston is the the one who let me know about the alerts. It saves time Googling yourself every few days.

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