Christmas Story Contest Reminder

We haven’t had many submissions for the Christmas Story Contest. I have a few that will be posted next week, but not quite enough to make a contest out of it.

Remember, Saturday, December 13th, is the last day to submit for the contest. For more details, click HERE.

Please spread the word—send emails to your friends, blog about it, announce it in your writer forums and groups. We need more stories!

We also need two more sponsors for this contest. If you’d like to provide a book for a prize winner (you’ll need to ship it to them), please send me an e-mail ASAP.

And thanks. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Story Contest Reminder”

  1. *begins to search under papers on desk* Now let’s see, I used to have a brain and a writing talent around here somewhere … they’re both so small, though, I hope they didn’t roll off and get vacuumed up …

  2. Hi–I have an entry but I just can’t get past the list of questions about servers in order to send you an email. Not sure what to do about that one. Also, thanks so much for remembering about Miss Delacourt–I had forgotten that I had asked you to feature it this month. I am having my own giveaway but it will be over in a few days–at which time I will send everyone over here. Thank you so much for the service you render. Heidi

  3. I’ve tried to write christmas stories and so far, have not done one that doesn’t make me cringe. Such a sad statement from a writer, eh? 🙂

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