Publishing Artwork—Beats Me

Do you have any suggestions on getting artwork “published” or to a distributor? Do you recommend any sites with this info?

Uhmmm, I have no idea. Here are some places that I’ve seen at LDSBA. I don’t know if they all publish or if some just distribute.

Altus Fine Art

Foundation Arts


Sounds of Zion

Readers, if you know anything about this, please chime in.

Author: LDS Publisher

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2 thoughts on “Publishing Artwork—Beats Me”

  1. How about contacting publishers, showing them what you do and asking them to consider you as a cover artist? At WiDo, we have three artists who have done contract work for us, each with different styles. When you figure all the different genres and subject matters of books, a nice cadre of potential artists can be very useful to a publisher.

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