Halloween Story Contest Winners

Comments only counted as a vote if they specifically stated a variation of “I vote for this one.” Nice chatty comments without a clear vote indication did not count.

We have a two-way tie between
Entry #1 submitted by Ghost Writer
Entry #3 submitted by FHL.

If Ghost Writer and FHL want to identify themselves, feel free to do so–either in the comments trail, or let me know via e-mail the name you want posted and I’ll update the posts.

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Story Contest Winners”

  1. FHL is fine for me, it’s the name I go by in the Bloggernacle.

    If anyone cares, it’s short for Faith Hope Love, which is the title of one of my favorite albums ever, by a rock group called King’s X.

  2. Ghost Writer is T. Lynn Adams who was in a candy-munching mood the night that story was written!

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